Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ….of the little black dress.

 Hello my fabulous black dress fashionistas,

It’s your girl Sarah again with a new blog segment called “INSCRUTABLE BEAUTY” where I will analyse and fashion(ize) {I know I just made that up} a few abstract photo’s which display to some degree a portion of fashion and or beauty. I wish I can give credit to the artists for their tremendous talent but I am not too sure who they are. I will give my interpretation and a rating based on

  1. Aesthetics (Beauty)
  2. Inscrutableness (Mysteriousness)
  3. Relation to fashion (How it compares to fashion)





can_tgiveaname_by_ksiyha-d7d9gab.jpg For this first piece, the esthetic beauty in this to me shows two interpreted pieces in one. The beauty in this shows a women wearing a hat but also shows a mysterious man in black clothing. What I love about these work of art is that how anyone can look at these and each see a different aspect of it and describe something else. And that is something that relates to fashion because you can have a different out look of a piece of clothing and pair it with a lot of things. I feel all these pieces of art work show that and that’s one of the great things about art and fashion! These are all different and show insrctubley in different aspects.

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via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable



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