Puzzled Fabric

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Hello, little black dress fashionistas! Welcome back to my blog. It’s finally Friday the day I feel drained from the week.

I would have to say this week I’ve gained so much inspiration and ideas involving my blog and fashion ideas. It’s crazy how you can have so much inspiration around you and you don’t even know it!

This blog post I’ll help you brain storm and gain inspiration! One of the things about fashion and making something out of nothing. I explored my closet and drawers and realized how much I can put together by pieces I’ve got laying around or haven’t even worn yet. So let’s make a puzzle, use the same pieces we got and move things around and get them to fit together. As women we love to use the term “I don’t got anything to wear!” Let’s face it I know I do. But do we really have nothing to wear let’s be honest. We can honestly piece things together and look chic. Be creative and wild and see what you can get out of it. Piece together stripes and bold colors and see what you get. Use the puzzle method I came up with and move things around and you’d be surprised what you’ll get. Heck you might even find something with the price tag still on! As guilty as I am …

Happy weekend bloggers and follow my blog for more!

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