I do not Permit to this!

Hello, little black dress fashionistas! So this topic of choice is a major controversy in the fashion world. And I feel like people have a lot of major opinion-on this topic and it gets steeped under the rug because no one wants to waste their breath on it even me.

And this is the choice of women wearing what we like when we like. The ability of women putting on booty shorts and being able to walk down the street without thought of something happening. Should women have the choice to still dress a certain way? Is it our fault because as women we just know men are men and either way there going to stare and get a look! But we should still have the free will to wear what we want because we feel good in it?

My thought on all this in reality, yes in reality. We are women and yes we and everyone should have the feel will to wear what they want but do we think in reality? In today’s society? What’s its made up of? I feel like all this should be considered before anyone puts on anything and walks out that door. Yes we do not permit to anything but our lips are saying no but our outfit is saying something else. Even tho it’s fair that we should be able to dress whatever we feel we and our outfits cannot stop the man on the street that walking behind us. Remember we cannot control the actions of someone else.

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