A Red Valentine

Hello, good morning little black dress fashionistas! love is in the air and i smell roses, valentines day is tomorrow and the time where every girl has a reason to dress up and look fab! I know this is one of the times i use the excuse to dress up and even take the chance to go shopping. Putting away the little black dresses and pulling out a red dress. I also know some find valentines day to be overated of course and at some degree agle i do too. From the common red flowers and the same old chocolete they have out at the stores and you maybe get them so much till it makes you sick. These are usually my plans i like to do  that brings me and my husband together closer …

Make my own gift – I know this seems bit childish but i love pinteresting and coming up with romantic gifts for my now husband. This one saves money if your on a budget and two makes your gift even more speacial and three the thought you put into it which he will see.

Have a romantic dinner at home for two –  This is one of the days i hate, everyone makes prior bookings to restarants and there all pact and full. And i feel theres no point to even trying. When i love to go out to eat with my husband i do not like to feel rushed and i know that day i will. Having and creating a romanic dinner for two with your sponse i feel will make it even more romantic if you too even make it together. This again saves money and minuses out the noise with other people around.

Dress up – Even though you too may be spending it indoors, why not still dress up! This still throws in some fun with your planning. This i belive still spices up the mood and adds the little spice to your night. Gives a excuse for you to even go out and still buy a cute dress with all the money you have left over to spending it in doors and creating your own gift.

Spice up the bedroom –  Light some candles, play some music and even buy some cute Victoria Secret this adds just a bit of more fun for the bedroom. Creating this atmosphere all day just spices things more up for the bedroom just to end the night.

So there you have fashionistas! My tips and tricks to saving money saving you from the consistant same old valentines day routines and bringing you and your partner more me time! Remember to follow my blog and leave comments and likes!


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