Black Panther: African Wear Inspiration

Good morning little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another blog post, this one I got inspired from black panther movie that got released and also top the box office. Hearing about this movie I got inspired to do a post on african wear. I’ve always been inspired by their designs, also because my mom buys this material and she makes her own outfits out of them. I have always thought their material is so colorful and gorgeous.


African wear carries a vibrant and interesting background, bright and bold textiles. The history of african wear stretches back to almost 75,000 years! Made of animal skin,fur, feathers, and bark cloth african clothing was not well matched with hot conditions.



Today african styles are worn with modern-day pieces, pairing these bright and bold pieces with jeans or even a blazer. This also gives the chance to add african history to your modern day wardrobe.  Africans would use die to make patterns on their cloth, women would do most of the fabric work.

Looking into and reading up on african style clothing, I find this style in the fashion industry to be the most interesting, very unique and different. But isn’t that what fashion is about being different and unique. But that’s what makes fashion intresting from all angles and aspects, and the different wear from all different parts of the world.






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  1. I love Ankara… Unfortunately once upon a time, I didn’t like it. I had only one ankara dress in my wardrobe and a peplum I had to sew for our choir. Lately though, I’ve hopped on this Ankara wagon and I try to sew as much in school.
    It’s bold and beautiful 👌

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