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Good morning little black dress fashionistas!, it is finally Friday ..I feel like it has been a long but yet short week for me. I feel like it was just filled with so much emotions for me, a lot of emotional feelings and the only thing that keeps me sane is god and my blogging.



This post is about the things I wish people have told me about blogging. Now I have been looking around on word press for other Fashion and Beauty bloggers to follow that interest me and to also socialize and also to throw myself out there. And I also been reading posts a lot on tips to blogging, promoting yourself, beginning a blog, how to gain follows etc. But I realize there are things no one tells you about being a blogger, the raw truth and emotions behind all of it.


First off I would like to say I have started blogging for me and me only, I started from just being a stay at home mom and wife. From leaving my job and having to job hunt everyday to finding the joy in blogging. What I didn’t know was their will be days in having thoughts and ideas come to me, and the struggle to brain storm and type my ideas out. The struggle for new bloggers to promote themselves and socialize and throw your self out there and let people know and understand who you are. Giving people feedback and putting time into reading their blog and trying for other bloggers to do the same.




I absolutely thank the bloggers of course that give me motivation, and also help and give support in helping beginner bloggers like myself. There is nothing more harder then trying to promote your blog and hoping everyday you at least gain one more follower, or get a couple reads here and there. Or even hoping someone comes across your blog. I understand blogging is not about the followers, or the saying everything takes time. Which am slowly building my brand and going by that but the days you are over it, the things i wish someone told me as a blogger.



Lets Talk, Are you also a begginger blogger? Do you have these days? What are some of your blogging tips? 

6 thoughts on “Behind Blogging

  1. When I started, I felt this way and it was annoying and somewhat depressing. But I recently developed a technique. Before I go to sleep, I read all posts on my wordpress reader until where I last stopped, then I go to my email, try to discover up to two new bloggers everyday…reply people’s comments and check the blogs of your new followers. The problem is that you’d spend a lot of time on your phone or laptop and you need to control that too. But, you’d get the hang of it.
    Thanks for following my blog 😏

  2. I don’t really have any techniques or tips because I’m also a new blogger. But i think the biggest thing that is helped me so far is remembering why I started the blog in the first place. I personally started my blog basically as an online diary. It’s more for me to reflect on my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. And if i get likes and followers in the process then that’s a great bonus! Just be encouraged and hope you gain the success you’d like to achieve!

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