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Good morning little black dress fashionistas, and welcome back to another blog post! So this blog post is going to be a little different and different as in this also shows a little insight to my life and a little about who am I . So what I will be talking about is fashion styling but as a young christian women. Why? 

This gave me so much ideas, especially on styling because as a young christian women as myself in this box I found growing up and having to dress a certain way, I found my fashion styling to be very slim. I have a 27-year-old sister who does fully go by and dress by our religion standards and she always feel like there is no way to style or dress how she wants, and this is where my style gift comes in.



And this is what the post is about, no matter how or what standards of dressing a culture or religion has to go by fashion has no limits. No matter what you wear you can always look chic! So in these photos give a little insight to how I put together outfit ideas.



You can always put a fancy skirt and pair with a graphic t-shirt, or even denim material with a pair of converse. Pair a boring outfit with a leather jacket or even a long jacket, pair with cute heels. I saw mix in match fancy with street style, I find that’s the best way to play around with your clothes and find what works and what doesn’t. Even if you have to dress traditional you can still style whatever you have to wear. Adding accessories, this might seem small but adding accessories makes a big difference. From adding a watch to picking out the perfect purse. This is one of the many tips I give to my sister and she amazed by how much a big difference a small piece can make to an outfit. She always has me pick out her outfit and style it because she finds dressing herself boring. Now these are my tips to styling an outfit, within religion and also a little about myself aswell if some or all do not know. And also i know there is other girls who may feel this way, so this is what made me want to so this blog.



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