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Good afternoon little black dress fashionistas!, I know this blog is late uploading since ive been running errands this morning but here it is. 

So for today blog post its my favorite skin care products, these are products I’ve used and loved and that works well with my skin type. I do not own all of them right now because some of them are a bit pricey. So first off these products listed are not for all skin types so I wouldn’t tell you to just go out and get them unless they work well with your skin. One of the mistakes I noticed being in esthetics is that a lot of people go out and get products for their skin not knowing their skin type or not buying for their skin type. Lets look at skin types first:


Everyone is a skin type, I am “Combination Skin” not to oily not to dry. I am always oily around my T zone and chin but everywhere else is just balanced. When knowing your skin type its good to check your products and to shop for your skin type. A lot of people want to try the “new” product and forgetting “is it good for my skin”.


This first product is from Dermalogica, their Precleanse. This product is actually good for every skin type, it does not make you feel oily or tight (it’s an oil). It is the best for taking off make up in seconds and this is one of the reasons I love this product, since I am a make up lover. I do not own this a lot because this product is super pricey, you can now find this in your local Sephora.


Next product I adore, is by Fresh, their Rose Face Mask. I love this product it feels great on my skin. I got a sample of it from Sephora and fell in love instantly. I loved using it in the morning as soon as I got up as a morning mask before prepping my face. I would say this can also be good for all skin types as it Hydrates and Tones the skin. And to be honest with you everyone skin and every skin type gets dehydrated 90% of the time. Even if you are oily skin your skin still needs to be hydrated, and that’s one of the reasons your skin produces more oil. I do not currently own the big bottle but I will be purchasing!


Need beauty on a budget? Well here it is, this is a drug store based skin product. The L’Oreal pure clay mask, I love using this product almost like everyday. It does work and I do see improvement using this often. They have other skin masks in their line, I love using the charcoal “detox & brighten”. I buy this product often I think I am on my 3rd bottle. I would say this isn’t good for sensitive, dry skin types because it’s a charcoal product.



My go to hydration, Rose Water. This does not only smell good but it feels good. I love putting this on after my skin care routine but I also used it to prep my face before I applied my make up and it worked well. This product is not to pricey with it being in Sephora, I would be going on my second bottle.


Ever heard of Symphony Beauty? I havent either, until using this product! Okay so this product is called “Snow Cream” why? because its like Snow! So I got this product in my Ipsy make up bag. This moisturizer is the absolute best it’s not greasy and its not drying either and that is why I fell in love with it. That is why the product is called snow cream because the moistrizer is fluffy. I havent got to yet order this but I sure will, also because how light it is any skin type can use this.


Tarte radiance drops, so this I know is great for make up but it’s also good for just wearing alone. I love apply this in the morning after cleansing my face, I noticed the oil is not greasy at all any skin type can actually use this. It does not fully hydrate my face my face does feel still drying but I also still apply another product over the drops. I would say this product is more of an “extra” step type of thing.



Anyone with pigmentation? you just want to get rid of? Well Dermalogica actually has a line for acne scars, so I tried the small sample box which was pricy. But I can say this product actually works, it’s a 3 step process. I do not like using the sunscreen because since am more of a darker skin complexion its leaves a white cast and I hate it. But the product lightens up your acne scars and clears them right up. Its a lot of money but id say its worth the money.

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