March Goals

Good after noon little black dress fashionistas! hope everyone is well. Finally march is here! already in the third month of the year and this would be my third month of starting my blog. I wanted to do a February favorites blog post but February was so crazy for me that I haven’t noticed what products I’ve found that I have been loving lately. So for march I’ve decided this month to set some gaols.Increasing Traffic and Socializing

Increasing traffic each month and taking the time out at the end of the day and reading other bloggers. Reading up on blogging one of the important things is increasing your traffic, and getting your blog out there. And what I have already started was looking up other bloggers at the end of the day and reading their blogs and leaving comments & likes.


Blog post ideas

Another goal I have that I also have already been doing is organizing my blog posts. Now I know for blogging some bloggers use inspiration and blog whatever comes to mind. I use that too but what I do is type out all my ideas I have for my blog and organize it for that week. If I don’t feel like blogging that idea I just blog whatever I feel like for that day, but this helps me always have inspiration and I don’t get writers block.

Publish more words

Increasing my word count, one of the things I’ve noticed that I have been struggling a bit with since I started blogging is increasing my word count. I know there is least something every blogger struggles with no one is perfect, and I know that is one of the things I can work on. Each week or at least one post a week elaborate more on a topic and to remember also to review my writing and then publish.



Engagement through social media

So one of the things I have been working on but been lacking on is engaging with bloggers through social media. I find it a lot of work keeping up with my blog and also trying to remember to engage and promote through social media. My goal is to try to not focus on one particular site but to also remember and try to put in the same effort even if one isn’t doing so well. I know one site might be doing well then the other and I need to stop sweeping it under the rug and ignoring it but put in all the same effort.




So those are my  March goals to do during this month, hopefully I stick to it. Hopefully I help some of you with ideas or to even set some goals too for your blog. Is there any goals you have used that helped your blog grow? Or any tips? Just let me know and Comment & Like! 










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