Favourite YouTube Gurus

Good afternoon little black dress fashionistas! For todays blog post I will be sharing my favourite YouTube make up/fashion  gurus I watch regularly on a day-to-day basis.

The first youtuber I love to watch for her fashion inspiration is Koleen Diaz . Her page offers a lot of outfit ideas and lookbooks. She also features a little vlogging here and there about her life. Koleen also creates videos where she gives advice such as, how to take the perfect selfie and how she edits her photos.

The next YouTube guru I watch is Anaya Roderick. Anaya posts about beauty and fashion. I love her personality and how funny and humble she is.

Next is The fashion Fiend who I just recently discovered on YouTube. Her channel is mainly about Fashion and Photography where she gives a lot of tips and advice on branding yourself. She always shows how to use what you have to create bomb pictures, and how anyone can do it with just minimum resources.

And my last youtube guru I also find inspiration in is Madeleine Bitici, she vlogs her self as an everyday mommy, and also about Fashion. I love how dispite shes a mommy she always still keeps passion for fashion.

And there you have it! Where I find a little of my fashion and beauty inspiration. You all should check out there channels. Also if any of you have your favourite fashion/beauty guru’s you watch comment them down below and ill check them out. I am always open to watching new guru’s.

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