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Good morning little Black Dress Fashionistas!, am back with another post. All about lashes!

So one of the things I  get often and have got asked often when I was working at my old job was “where do you get your lashes?” and “I love your lashes” , “how long does it last?” . And my answer to that is over five times, this always comes to a shocker for many but no I get my false lashes to last several uses. In this post I’ll  talk about how to make your lashes to last, how to clean them, the glue trick. If you do not wear false lashes that’s okay! I will also talk about how to keep and grow your natural lashes.

  1. How to make your lashes last.– So I wear the Sephora house of lashes, so those lashes band is pretty good. I know some lash bands are really thin and those are the ones you do have to throw out after one use or two. So how I get them to last long is I apply not so much glue on the band and I apply mascara before I apply lashes. That’s one of my biggest secrets, when women apply mascara on their lashes and the false it builds up and then you got to throw them out.
  2. How to clean your lashes –  If mascara and glue builds up on your false lashes, the trick is to gentle soak your lashes in water. Gently wipe off any mascara and gently pick off any left over glue, after your lashes will look brand new! You can use a clean mascara wand to do this.
  3. The glue trick – My glue trick is to apply a little amount of glue. This allows several uses because not so much glue is building up on the band. When glue does get build up I gently take off any glue I can and clean my lashes. But my biggest trick is NOT applying mascara products on to your false lashes. When applying it before also work as the false lashes will blend in with your lashes.

Another key trick I do is I keep my lashes stored away in a lash box. Keeping your lashes away safe with keep them form getting ruined.

Growing out your lashes

Yeah false lashes are fun! But do you take care of your real lashes? If you’re not a fan of false lashes here’s some tips for you! So one of the biggest top oils to grow your lashes and eyebrows, hair etc is Caster Oil. Applying this to those areas often will allow your lashes to grow. One of the problems that can cause are eye lashes to not grow is the mascara we apply to them often. Your lashes are like hair they need to be kept hydrated to continue to grow.

Thanks for reading fashionistas! Remember to comment & like! What are some of your favourite oils?

7 thoughts on “Lashes 101

  1. I love lashes! I think they look so amazing and they add to whatever makeup or natural look you’re rocking to make everything pop. However, I have no idea how to apply them myself. I literally suck at it. But I’m totally down to try these Sephora ones you mentioned. I also completely agree with taking care of your natural lashes. I personally know people who now have “struggle lashes “ due to them just ripping lash strips off their eyes. SB: have you ever tried lash extensions (the individual ones that they just stick to your lashes?) if so how was your experience?

    1. I use to suck at applying lashes, I had no idea how to apply them but it all comes with practice promise! I will be soon making a post on how to apply them. I haven’t had the chance to try lash extensions most seemed pretty expensive and I’ve heard some cons on having them so I’ve just stuck to applying them every time 😊

  2. Yess I’m patiently waiting for that post! I have some lashes laying around because I wanted to start my own line but they’re super dramatic and not for everyday wear. I may just try practicing with one of those first. As for the lash extensions they are super costly where I stay too. I wanted to try them out but I’m on the fence.

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