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Good afternoon  little black dress fashionistas! I am sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday but today I am back with a new addition. Today I want to discuss higher priced beauty brands and how they compare to the more affordable products.

I know everyone has heard the saying that all that glitters isn’t gold, but this product here is made with a beautiful packaging as well as bottle to attract the attention of all us “fancy dancy’s” as my husband would say. Yves Saint Laurent created their Touche Eclat Blur Primer costing $57.00 CAD. The product is an illuminating primer used to blur imperfections in skin as well as boosting the radiance of the foundation. My experience with this product allowed me to do some experimenting and I discovered that it can be used without makeup because it creates an improved and refined look. This primer contains Corn oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Passiflora oil and Rice Bran oil. With these ingredients it allows the face to not produce grease on face as well as creating soft skin. This product is suitable for all skin tones and skin types including sensitive skin.

  The next product also contains a skin enhancing formula to allow the face to receive a transparent veil. Master Radiant by Givenchy which costs $49.00 CAD, contains 3 microspheres  to freshen, moisturise and enhance the skins glow. The brown and light yellow microsohere contains pigments to allow the skin to receive it’s glow. The dark yellow contains antioxidant – vitamin E. This product just like the product stated before can be used before foundation application or worn alone. I would say all skin types can use this because the product is non-greasy nor does it dry out the skin. Although the beads are really pretty, the gel itself does feel slightly sticky.

Lastly, we have the Luminous Silk Foundation by Georgio Armani Beauty.  This product is a lightweight liquid foundation that achieves a dazzling silky finish. Having a status as an award winning foundation, this product contains micro-fil technology which works with high-impact pigments. This product is applied flawlessly on the skin to compare to beautiful silk. Creating a medium coverage, this product is suitable for every skin except oily skin. This foundation is my second favourite product to wear and I love how they contain many different shades to suit skin tones.

 In conclusion, I believe higher priced brands do achieve higher expectations as well as provide multi-functions to give us that “million dollar look”. I still love the affordable products and I know they do preform the way they are supposed to. I feel after my experience with many brands and products, these ones listed here has helped me achieve my desired appearance. Until I find products which can be a better substitute I will gladly recommend this to everyone who wants what is stated here. Thank you for reading and I will be back with another segment on Little Black Dress. Remember beauty lies in us beholders of The Little Black Dress!

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