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Good morning little black dress fashionistas! Today I am back with another post all about nails. This is a popular subject because almost every girl is wearing acrylics now. As I mentioned before in my many posts I went to college and graduated as an Esthetician, so I have a background in skin care, nails, facials, medical esthetics and aromatherapy massage. Since being in this program, I have learned a lot about beauty especially nails. I discovered that there was so much I did not know and I now I feel like I can educate other women. In this post I’ll be talking explaining many aspects around nails including nail growth, acrylics, dos and don’ts for your nails.


Acrylics is one of the latest trends in todays society. I myself can admit to being a fan of acrylics and will occasionally purchase them. But does anyone really know what it is or what it is doing to their nails? First things first when getting acrylics done often I mean often like scheduled refills etc. This procedure is actually slowly making your nails brittle and dehydrated. The drills they use in this process is destroying all the good layers of your nails and braking them down. Doing this often can actually ruin your nails and damage the nail bed.


The powder they use in these nail “chop shops” are not even best for your nail. There is times I have gone to get my nails done and asked for gel not knowing they were using cheap  powders on my nails. The real professional gels for acrylics are worth over $100 dollars. My nails are not affected by this because I don’t overuse acrylics, if I do have them I get it once a year and I give my natural nails a break. Nails need to be hydrated and taken care of.




Nail Growth 

I believe before putting anything on our natural nails we should first take care of our own. I belive this method not just for nails but for our skin before make up or our natural hair before extensions. A lot of women struggle with growing out their natural nails but hese are some tips I’ve learned to help keep a healthy set of nails.  For this you must simply apply & massage olive oil to your nail bed and cuticle area. Doing this  before going to bed can be very effective. I’ve heard most oils can be used for healthy nail growth, also constantly applying cuticule oil to your cuticle is essential too.



So your applying oil to your nail and its growing, but what about retaining and keeping the length? Another tip i’ve learned is to apply in order to keep good nail strength is to utilize this product daily. This product will keep your nail from breaking and having to start all over again. You can even still apply it when applying nail polish. You can always apply your nail strengther first then you base then your polish on top!


Nail Tips:

  • When trimming cuticles trim all the way around.
  • When trimming cuticles do not trim all off! This makes the cuticles grow back faster and thicker.
  • When cutting hang nails cut on the angle with nippers, this allows the hang nail not to come back.
  • When cutting your toe nails trim right accross, cutting different angles can create sharp angles allowing to create an ingrown nail.
  • Always remember to wear a base coat on your nails, to prevent nail discoloration.


Thats all for todays post! Remember to comment & Like let me know in the comments what you think. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder …of the little black dress! 






6 thoughts on “Nails ..Nails and Nails

  1. I normally grow my nails and I don’t fix. But once, I fixed, and when it was removed, a surface of my nail seemed cracked and for a month, I couldn’t grow my nails cos they kept breaking. I refused to fix after that. I don’t know if it was the fixing, but for someone that had a fast growth, and could easily grow her nails, it was weird.
    Thanks for this information.

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