What’s in my Make up bag?

Good afternoon little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another blog post this one is beauty related. Lets talk whats in my make up bag, now this one is going to be fun because I always have to carry that thing everywhere I go …literally.

So before we get into the post, these are mainly what i always carry in my make up bag. I do sometimes throw extra things in there but I have to carry these essentials everywhere. So my first important item I carry in my make up bag that my husband finds odd is extra lashes or an empty eyelash box. So I always carry this around in there because if anytime am out and i feel like taking off my lashes I can just throw them in there. This helps prevent my lashes from getting lost and second getting ruined.

This second item I absolutely need, I need my tweezers because I use these to help apply my lashes. I know there is something now on the market and that’s in Sephora that actually made to help apply your lashes. But I honestly said to myself why waste money on that when I can just use my usually tweezers to apply my lashes. And to be honest my fellow bloggers they work the same. One thing I try to avoid is these new gadget the beauty industry comes up with, and I try to use cheaper ways that do the same exactly thing.

So if I got my lashes, tweezers of course I got to have my eyelash glue. So duo is the eyelash brand I use, I’ve never use to like this brand until I found the dark tone. I find the white glue tone they got is not so beast when applying lashes. The reason I use the dark tone is because when I use my trick in applying my mascara first before lashes and I apply my lashes with this glue.When the glue than dry with the mascara and eyeliner applied it hides with the glue because its black so no one can tell if you even got lashes on. It’s all about blending in unlike the white glue I find also stands out a lot.

Of course I got to have my mascara in there! And to be honest I don’t use it much lol. But I still throw it in there in case I take off my lashes and I need to re apply my mascara. This picture is an example I have not tried the better than sex mascara but I always wanted to. So if any of you have tried it out let me know how you like it!

Okay so I always have to have my current lip liner I wear for that day in my make up bag to reapply throughout the day. I do not always wear a lip liner usually now and then. So this is an always carry yet occasionally make up bag item.

So Huda Beauty is like my top favourite matte lipstick brand right now, I usually am always wearing it and the smell is so good ( I am always sniffing it). I do not have most colours because some are not for my skin tone and wouldn’t look good. But if I am wearing it for that day I always got to throw it in the bag. If you haven’t tried Huda beauty you have got to!

If I am not wearing lipstick which 99.9% of the time I am, I am more a lipstick person over lip gloss I throw in a lip gloss. But even if I am wearing lipstick that day I still have a gloss in there because sometimes through the day I am over wearing lipstick and I take that off and apply a lip gloss. I am loving an MAC one and Anastasia Beverly Hills are my most go too.

Thats it bloggers, all the fun things I keep in my make up bag. Let me know if any of these you keep in your make up bag. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder …of the little black dress! Comment & Like! Thanks for reading! 


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