Make up Hacks!

Good morning little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another post all about make up hacks and secrets. These hacks are make up hacks I actually use in my make up routine and I find that they actually work.

First make up hack setting powder! I want to first make a disclaimer this can work for anyone but I would say its more for combination to oily skin only. After your moisturizer and primer dab a bit of your setting powder on top lightly around your face before foundation this keeps your make up on longer and prevents oils. I tried this and doesn’t change my foundation and it does help from my make up from looking shiny.

Second hack, tissue! so another hack for oily skin. After you’ve applied your foundation  and before you spray your setting spray take tissue and dab it all over your face. This picks up any foundation that hasn’t set into your face, this helps a lot because afterwords your foundation looks 10X better. Just place and press lightly all over! (you can also purchase blotting paper too but this is way less expensive)

Third hack, lipstick! So have you bought a lipstick and hate that it isn’t matte? Well to create a matte lip just apply your lipstick you wish and dust lightly your setting powder over and BAM! A matte lip.

Next hack! So we all wash our face with cleansers or make up wipes but does our make up fully come off? Sometimes mine doesn’t, even waking up the next day with a pimple. Well the one things I’ve used that worked in taking off all my make up and did not break me out also motorised my face all one time was coconut oil. I would just apply it and gently wash my make up off and next I would go in second with my regular face wash after and it works great!

Last make up hack, so this is one of my favourite things I do that works so great. I can not be the only one that does this I don’t know lol but I use the beauty blender soap and wash my make up brushes! I have heard most women use a soft gentle shampoo but I noticed this soap is the fastest working soap for washing my make up brushes. It actually gets all my make up off all my brushes, and am surprised because my foundation is pretty dark and can stain my brushes but this actually gets it off. If you have not tried this you should jump on the bandwagon!

Thank you all for reading! Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder …of the little black dress! Remember to comment & Like! Let me know if you use any of these hacks. 

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