Best Apps I use for Blogging!

Good night little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another segment, sorry for the late post, I have been so busy all morning and afternoon but still managed to put this up just for you! Today I will discuss all about the apps I use for my everyday blogging which either help me edit or find inspiration. These apps assist me a lot with photography through colour coordination and editing pictures.

These pictures below are all snapshots and recordings on my phone to show the exact applications I use. This is my photo and video category which contains picture and video editing apps. Although I do use them all, my favourite apps are VSCO (The fourth app) and Color Pop (The last app). VSCO is a picture editing app which specializes in producing high definition features and effects. Although there is a membership required to get additional elements, I am quite satisfied with the free version I own. Color Pop is my “go-to for making my pictures pop”. This app edits photos to draw attention to an image in a photo by making it stand out from the background (So it literally makes the image pop).  PicMonkey (The third app) edits pictures and videos. This app is amazing for a new blogger who wants to create a banner or logo for their site. PocketVideo (The first app) is mainly used for editing videos for social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many more. This app is very useful for quick makeup tutorials (which I will get into soon) and fashion segments. And finally, we have PS Express which is basically a mobile photo shop. I often use this app for quick photo edits and colour changes.

This is a photo of Sarah’s phone screen which includes 2 other apps not listed in my Photo Category (Because I was too lazy to fit them in). The first is We Heart It which I absolutely love and utilise for blogging inspirations. This app is almost like Instagram which differs because it allows you to find your desired category of interest (example, fashion, makeup, sports etc). One thing I find amazing about this app is that you have the ability to create your own category (Power to the People!! lol). The name says it all, you are able to heart whatever you like and follow other people just Instagram. The last app I will be speaking on is Preview which is what I call Instagram Assistance. This app allows you to show a preview of your upload before putting it up on Instagram. In this app you have the ability to colour coordinate photos, crop to your liking and schedule when you want the photo uploaded.

Below I have attached quick videos of how the apps work. The first video is We Heart It and the second is for Preview.

Thank You for viewing my later than usual post. I hope this was helpful . I hope you all enjoyed your day (To those who see this Friday I hope your currently enjoying it)

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