Daughter Zara Haul!

Good afternoon little black dress fashionistas! Monday already, its shocking to me how fast the spring break was over I hope you all had a great weekend. I am back with another post and this is a fun one, a quick kids Zara haul. 

This is my first kids haul, I always wanted to incorporate kids outfit of the days look books, haul etc into my blog. I love putting outfit pieces together for my daughter on a daily basis even more now since she has started junior kindergarten so I thought why not include this into my blog. I am obsessed with Zara kids I love their fashion it is always very chic, am not much of a Zara shopper for myself I have always went there just for my daughter. There prices for  kids are pretty reasonable some things are pretty expensive there. I always go when they have their top sales that’s the best time to get pretty much anything you want but at the same time you have to deal with the crazy parents. I have my moments where I just go crazy and pick up whatever I want for her and the times I am on a budget and try to find reasonable prices (like below). And whenever I got the money and is bored I always end up online shopping from their site which is not always the best thing because a lot of mothers do that and most end up being “sold out”.


But away from that what I got was two chic grungy tops which was at a great price, I love that they can have tights and cute tops most of the time at low prices. That helps a lot for all you mommy that be on a budget (like myself). I also picked up cute hair bow ties, especially since spring is on the way they have a lot of this now out they are super adorable and great to pair with a cute spring outfit! And last but not least my sister more picked out the jeans dress (shes obsessed with these). They had a lot of these out now also with jeans skirts and cute jean ripped shorts, those are all what I got on my little shopping experience. I hope you all enjoyed I will be doing more of these often especially if I can get my four-year old to cooperate with me, I will possibly be later posting an outfit look book with her so you can look out for that too!

Jean Dress – $36.90  Darlin’ Top – $9.90 Make something Top – $9.90 Hair Bow Ties – $6.90


Thanks everyone for reading!  Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder … of the little black dress. Remember to comment & Like! 

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