Sephora Spring Wish list!

Good evening little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another post for you, I hope everyone’s week is going great. It is finally the first day of spring! (even though its cold) and spring means change in make up routine. 

So here I am with a post on my Sephora spring wish list which includes all the things in beauty I am currently eyeing to buy. The first item on my wish list is the ” Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation” whuch costs $56.00CAD at Sephora. This product is full coverage which I love but in the spring and summertime I don’t wear much full coverage foundation because when the weather tends to get warmer, the thick foundation doesn’t work with my combination skin type. I would still love to give the product a try because reviews show that it does work well with my skin type, and it also  says its long lasting. I also love that it works like a concealer so you can use this foundation to contour and highlight.


Anastasia Beverly hills (which is one of my favourite brands) created the “Amrezy Highlighter” which I am really itching to get. This beautiful highlighter is priced at $36.00CAD at a local Sephora which is not at a bad price. I love that its ultra smooth and leaves a radiant finish, also I love how it comes in a luxe compact. I would say its worth the purchase.


Saturday Skin! I don’t know how many of you have heard of this brand I recently just discovered it on Sephora. What caught my eye about this product was the packaging as well as the prices, I honestly love how the packaging of this product is in my favorite color (pink!) so of course I am already sold! Unfortunately I noticed they do not have a bunch of products out at the very moment, but I also noticed most of their skin products are for every skin type so that is a plus!


Milk Make up! BTW I am loving how unique these name are but anyways lets look into the “Blur Stick”. The blur stick is $43.00CAD at a local Sephora, it is colorless and matte and creates a smooth minimized poreless canvas. So I absolutely love products like this because of my skin type, I have been itching to try this product and see how it works. I also feel it would be great to try in the spring/summer weather because at this time  my skin changes and becomes a little more oily.




So I know mostly everyone has been trying or tried the Fenty line but I havent (I know), but I have been debating on trying her foundation and the ” Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer” costing $23.00CAD. I have been thinking if I should try it out because I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks and glosses because matching my skin tone is a must. It is a nude shade so that is a plus and its a universal shade and claims it looks good on everyone so doesn’t hurt to give it a chance right!?


Last but not least Dior!, So I do not have any Dior products but today I noticed the Sephora app advertising this new product and of course I had to click on it. It’s the “Addict Lacquer Plump” costing $43.00CAD. I know it may be a little pricey for a lip gloss  but this product would more be a “if I got the extra money why not? “type of purchase .  I love how much various colors they have, this would be a great spring and summer gloss to add that extra appeal to your make up look.





That is it for today’s post I hope you all loved it! Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder … of the little black dress. Comment & Like! Have any of you tried these products? If so how are you liking it? Is any of these on your Sephora shopping list? 

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