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Good evening little Black Dress fashionistas! I am back with another post this time fashion related. I know I haven’t done one in a while I do not really have a schedule between my beauty posts and fashion posts it’s usually whatever inspiration comes at the time.

So since yesterday was the first day of spring, I’ve been in the spring mood lately which is a great time to write a spring fashion post! Here are some spring 2018 fashion that are in for spring and summer. The first is sequins I have already been seeing this a lot in the stores especially in Zara kids I have seen a lot of sequins on sweaters to home pillows. I personally think sequins style is cute I would wear it depending how it is styled.



The second style trend for summer spring 2018 is pastels, whether it be lilac, lemon, pink or egg blue we will be seeing various pastels this season. I personally am not a pastel person so I lately havent been feeling these colors I will forever stick to my neutrals but it’s always good to keep one or two things bright in your closet.


Next is checks, this I havent been seeing much in the stores, I would say I personally see a lot of this when it comes to trousers. But this can add an extra pop to your outfit, I don’t wear too much of this in my style but I wouldn’t mind adding this to my closet this spring.


Plastic, So I have been seeing this everywhere from Kim Kardashian to Instagram. This is a popular spring summer must haves I loved how it’s styled in the photo below. If I were to wear these I would personally style them this way I feel like I cannot wear them just bare foot alone (depends). I don’t how I feel about the whole plastic booties I have more a hate love relationship with this trend. How do you all feel about this booties trend?


Next style is fringing I dont know what I would say about fringing, I havent seen much fringing in the store just a bit. I am not too much a fan of fringing it gives an appeal I would have to say to clothes and shoes. Something I feel you can add to your style of dressing up or down.


Bold colors, summer for sure will be bright (I feel like it always is) in fashion you cannot go wrong with bold colors or adding a pop of color in your wardrobe. I do not own bold colors in my wardrobe of course but I can never go wrong with adding some color here in their especially with maxi dresses. I love wearing maxi dresses in the summer and that’s my way of incorporating color into my wardrobe.




Sheer, this fashion I have been seeing a lot. I personally don’t own anything sheer but its something cute for the summer. With this fashion trend I feel like it’s how you wear it and style it. personally this would be a style id have to get use to because id feel naked but it is a unique look to style.



Ruffles, something to add a famine look to your look. I think ruffle tops are so cute especially to pair with a cute sheer maxi skirt, cute high-rise or even trousers. I am loving the off shoulders top I have not got to find one yet  ive been looking online but this is I would say is a spring must have.

img_6125  img_6126


That is all for this spring and summer trends, I hope you all loved it. I know I havent posted anything for yesterday I have been busy lately while trying to keep up with my blog and social media. But I will be back on to my scheduling. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder …of the little black dress. Comment & Like! Comment what is your favorite spring/summer fashion right now. 

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  1. I you like the pink pastel trend than you will also like the pink suit trend. I just made a post about styling pink suits and honestly I think you would look really nice in one (judging from your about me photo)

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