Hello little black dress fashionistas! Happy Monday I know I have missed a day or two of posts, a lot has been going on. I’ve been sick for a bit but I am feeling a bit better and I am now back with another segment. 

Todays topic is all about Dermalogica. I know I have brought up one or two of their products in one of my past posts but I haven’t elaborated on my favourite products I have used and so I thought I might as well do one now. So Dermalogica started back in 1986 by Jane Wurwand. This company is now established in 80+ countries while employing 100,000 therapists worldwide. While studying as an esthetican, I have worked with and used these products. Below is listed and described in detail a list of the products that are worth purchasing (in my opinion).

The first product I have talked about in a past blog post is Dermalogica’s  “Precleanse”. This product is a deep cleansing oil that melts impurities and make up residue from the skin. The cleanser is made for double cleansing the skin by initially using this product and then your own cleanser after to fully eliminate all impurities from the skin. This is an oil based cleanser but does not create an oily feel because it melts away excess oil from the skin. The best part about the “precleanse” cleanser is that it can be used for all skin types (this is my ultimate go to make up remover). The precleanse also comes in a wipes form as well as the newly released balm.

This next product on my list is the “Daily Microfoliant”. This product is a daily exfoliate  which you can use morning and night. The Microfoliant comes in a powder base form which contains rice bran as its main ingredient. This product is really great for anyone who suffers from acne scaring.  The reason being is because is has brighting properties which removes all the dead skin cells and brightens the pigmentation. This product is also used for all skin types! (Which I Love!). And by the way dermalogca also carries serums you can actually add in with your exfoliate to give your exfoliate that extra boost!

Anyone suffering from dry or dehydrated skin? Well to be honest everyone does yes even oily skin types! This mask base is great to get that extra hydration into your skin. This mask can be used as a base or just a mask. This product contains a clear, thick, and  cool consistency  you can even apply this over your lip area to hydrate your lips! Another great thing about this mask is that you can apply this mask first and then apply your own mask on top. This mask is also used for all skin types!

Next is the “special cleansing gel”, this is a gentle foaming cleanser. This cleanser works by removing impurities from the skin while giving a rich foaming lather feel to the skin. I believe this product also works best with the preclense to give an ultimate clean. it is also an all skin type product!

So would anyone love a toner that tones, sets make up, and can also be chilled in the fridge? Yeah me too! Well this is the Dermalogica “Multi active toner”. This is a light weight toner that refreshes and hydrates the skin. This toner works for prepping the skin to properly absorb products. A bonus for this toner is that it also can set your make up and be chilled in your fridge if you’d like that extra cool hydrated feel.

That is all for today’s post, hope you all enjoyed and learned! You can also find these products on the Dermalogica website if you are interested in  any of these products. Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ….of the little black dress. Don’t forget to comment & Like! And  tell me which of these products are you interested in.

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