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Good morning little Black Dress fashionistas! Happy Tuesday I am back with another great post for you all.Today’s post is all about a guide to having to least getting to healthy skin. If anyone of you are at the point of trying to manage your skin especially if you have tons of pigmentation or even acne here’s my step by step guide!

Step 1 : Water Intake

First step to a healthy looking skin is water intake, I know we all probably see this around a lot (even me) and it can be frustrating to some but it is one of the many steps to a clear healthy glowing skin. If you are like me that is not much a water drinker I at least try to drink as much water as I can in a day.

Step 2: Reducing Make up

So this step is a hard one for those of you who love wearing make up all day and everyday. I see many women who do have pigmentation or really bad acne wear a lot of make up or love to wear it everyday to cover up what’s underneath. But the truth is we’re not helping our skin, we need to take care of what’s underneath before putting things on top. Our skin needs to breath and get better, by trying to take care of it and still wear tons of make up is not helping. Giving our skin a break is a big step to getting the results we want. Wearing less and staying on top with a  good regimen is the way to go!

Step 3: Double Cleanse (Morning/Night)

Double cleansing, is a great idea especially if you are a make up addict (like myself). This helps to fully get all the make up and impurities out of your skin and prevent any future breakouts and excess oil built up. Doing this often will help keep healthy skin and maintain that fresh pimple free look you’re dying to achieve.

Step 4: Exfoliants/ Masks are our friends!

Yes exfoliation and masks are our friends, so these two things are a popular thing to buy but yet many women still are aware of how important they are. exfoliation least twice a week with help get all the excess dead skin cells off your face and also even prevent pimples too. When exfoliation is not being done all the dead skin that havent been exfoliated away sits they and underneath all the excess oil gets built up which causes your pimples. This also helps brighten pigmentation too, when dead skin cells are being scrubbed away this is allowing new skin cells to take place which is what you see when acne scaring starts to fade away. Applying masks now in then also is a big plus, this allows all the important properties in the mask to get in deep into your skin and start working!

Step 5: Routine, Routine and Routine

So this is important, a routine, routine and routine. We always start something but then tend to fall off of it, if we want healthy skin we got to stick to our daily skin regimen we made. Doing this often will help keep a healthy skin, especially if we find products we love and stick to. Starting to get results and then fall off and were back to the sleeping with make up on our face or seeing a few breakouts and hiding it with make up is just taking us back to square one.

Step 6: Hydration

Hydration, this is so important for keeping balanced skin. Most of our skin issues is caused because of dehydrated skin, even oily skin types suffer from dehydration. When oily skin types are getting tones of oil on their skin it’s because their skin is so dehydrated their skin is working hard to produce more oil. Another thing about hydration is most clients i’ve came across think they are dry skin type because they mistake dry for dehydrated which is two different things, when you keep an excellent regimen daily and keep up your hydration you then tend to figure out what your true skin type is.

Step 7: Hands Off!

Final and another most important step is hands off! Hands off your face, most acne clients or even clients who get a pimple or two love touching their face. Some people love to pick at their face or pop their pimples not know there is actually a professional way to extract a pimple. When you pick and pop your own pimples this then starts to spread germs and then create even more pimples on your face, also you allow bacteria to get on your skin and then its a cycle all over again. Keeping your hands off your face often your skin will thank you for it and it will make a huge difference in the direction of a more healthy skin.

That’s it for today’s blog, I hope you all enjoyed. I will try my best to get more posts up this coming week. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ….of the little black dress. Remember to comment & Like! 

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