Life Update!

Good afternoon little black dress fashionistas! this post is so long over due but I am fully ready to post this. I have been gone for about almost three months now and I haven’t been making any posts or even keeping up with my social media pages, its been tough but it feels good to be back. Okay so quick life update on why I was away, is because I am currently expecting! It is really exciting finding out I will be expecting this Fall I am filled with so many emotions. I have been gone because these past three months I have been feeling so awful and sick I couldn’t keep up with my postings. Also I have had no energy what so ever to do my daily organizing, so I made a huge decision to give my blog a rest. It has been hard because it use to be my daily routine and also I have been making progress with my blog but you always got to take care of your self first.

I am still feeling pretty bad these days but now that I am nearly out my third month I have been feeling pretty good these past few days. I am planning on getting back to my blogging and back up posting daily, I can’t promise everyday but at first id probably be putting up at least two posts a week. Hopefully I can accomplish these all soon, I am so happy I got to finally get to this post because I did not want any of you waiting any longer. That is all for today’s post just a quick update on my life, if you all would like more updates let me know and I thank all of you for sticking by me and having patience and understanding.

Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder …of the little black dress. 

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