Zara/H&M Baby & kid Haul

Good morning little Black Dress fashionistas! I am finally back with another blog post. It feels like literally forever since posting something but I’m so happy that all of you are still here and bearing with me due to me being pregnant. I am so excited to be doing this post, I will be having a lot of these haul’s due to me having a baby (a girl) and also prepping for that “back to school” time coming up. So recently I went baby shopping! One of the exciting times of expecting, having an excuse to live in the baby section an this is some of the cute items that  I found.

One of my favorite baby stores to be in is Zara. I have done past posts on this before and will emphasize the selection because I just love the look and how different they are from most baby stores. They were having a sale so of course I could not have missed that sale. Sadly I couldn’t find much for my daughter (she’s four) or the baby but there is some clothes posted ( Looney Tunes outfit) that was purchased earlier before the recent Zara sale. I also went to H&M because I like to explore and spend c at different stores, I purchased the baby socks and hubby picked out the cheetah outfit. I must say, it is hard finding some things in store now since the baby is being born during the Fall  season. I do not want to wait till September to do all the shopping because the Fall/winter clothing I purchase now are on sale so I am spending less coins. Why not?

The cute finding I found for my daughter (who’s four) is the pink cute polka dot overall dress. It is a bit hard shopping for her at Zara because she is small but has long legs so some things look short on her (I was lucky to find this). I also notice the clothing for her age group gets sold out online pretty quickly (which is annoying) so it’s worth while running to the stores for her.

The second item I found for the baby was these cute brown polka dot pants in 3 to 6 months size. Both items were on sale which made me content with my purchases. I was hoping to find more baby outfits but sadly they only had a bunch of 3 to 6 months or older and I need a lot more newborn sizes. Reason as to why I left with two items is because I feel like it’s so much worth finding what I want online during sales then going in stores. But I feel like it’s also pros and cons for both.

Anyways  that is all my buys, I hope you all enjoyed. Let me know in the comments of any other baby/kid clothing stores I should check out or post their website link if its online. I should be having up a  Sephora haul coming soon (Yaaay!). I am planning on picking up a few buys for the summer. Lately I have been feeling down because its so hard shopping when your pregnant and because nothing fits me and I have stopped putting on make up and doing my nails because I am so tired at times. I am giving myself a girl time to pick myself back up.

Remember beauty is in the eyes of  the beholder …of the little black dress.  Comment & Like I would love to hear from you all!

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