Anniversary & Quick Picks💕

Hey everyone! I am back with another blog post …finally! So Sunday July 29th was me and my husbands 1 year anniversary.

It is so hard to believe a year has passed that I married my best friend, we couldn’t do much due to me being pregnant and I cannot do much walking or deal with the extreme heat going on. So hubby decided on taking me out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants Moxies. But also surprised me with a trip to Sephora! ( my exact feeling and reaction!)

Before eyeing the Sephora store I saw Nordstrom, this is when their sale was going on so of course I had to go in. So I spotted some cute baby items online that I wanted to get for baby number two, so I got these cute bows they had for a really good price. At check out they gave another one for free! Who doesn’t love free! So after off to Sephora we went, I really wanted to take advantage of Sephora 25% off lip gloss or lipsticks promo that was going on but you know how crazy inside Sephora is too much going on everywhere. The lighting is bright enough and the shelfs are stocked with so much that you try to spot or look for as much as you can. So at the end I decided to go with Bare Minerals and Rihanna Fenty lip gloss. I will do a separate review on both these products, currently trying them out and I am seeing how I am liking them.  Our anniversary ended great, this was a night that had me feeling great about everything in my life.


So these are the products I got! I am so happy with my purchases, I am planning already on ordering more things I spotted on Sephora and will for sure do a post on those products. I am also so sorry to everyone on posting this blog post so late, a lot has been going on and of course I am trying to get in as much rest as possible. I promise I will so get on to back to back bog postings, especially since I got about three months left of this journey. I thank all of you for staying by me and having patience through all of this. Remember to comment and Like! I would love to hear from all of you on your thoughts I love reading them. ( Look out for a second blog post! XO)

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