Back to school/ Zara Buys!

Good morning little black dress fashionistas! I am finally back with another post, here I am with my first September post! I decided to do my daughter back to school haul and decided to share all the Zara buys I purchased.

Of course I had to go to zara (my favorite store), so these fall boots are one of my favorite items purchased I thought these would go perfectly with the skirts I bought below when fall hits. These boots are part of the Mikey Mouse collection going on at Zara at the moment, it actually has been going on awhile so there is always time to purchase.


This next piece purchased is this cute dress, I love this piece due to the fact it looks like its cut from an 60’s look and small piece of color they included on the side. This dress would be a size 6, I picked a size up so that it can fit my daughter longer also because my daughter is pretty tall for her age so I always go up a size when buying from zara.


This next piece the pants was another item I thought that gave me an older decade vibe, the pants is paired with the mickey sweater. The store actually had these two pieces together and me and my sister decided to get the two together. I feel like a lot of stores tend to do that to just wheel you in (the purpose) to get you to buy the whole entire outfit.


I have a lot going on in the image, I tried to get everything in but there’s the two tops and the skirt and a cute jogger picked out. I ultimately decided to put the black top with the denim army skirt, also liked the red top to go with it. Two very simple things to make an ultimate outfit.


This I must say is one of my favorite put together outfits! This top and cute ripped denim skirt was actually my daughter first back to school outfit worn. Those two together was picked out from my sister and the next outfit on the left was picked out from me, this piece together gave me a quick punkish vibe to it. I also surprisingly picked those two together in a quick minute.


This last outfit I picked up (minus the shirt) the top is actually not taken in the post because my daughter wore it just the other day with something else so I had to pair the skirt with this last quick pick top. So this cute flirty skirt was bought with a long sleeve cheetah top, this can be paired with the boots at the beginning of the post for a cute outing fall outfit.


That is all for this back to school zara trip! Look out for more to come posts, I am always trying to make an effort to post more often now and get back to my regular posting.

Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder ….of the little black dress.


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