Carter’s Baby Buy’s Trip

Good morning little Black Dress fashionistas! I am of course back with another post. This is a huge haul well not to huge of a haul on a bunch of baby buy’s I got with my sister for the baby on the way.

Lately I haven’t got to do shopping haul on myself but I must say shopping for my baby girl is as much fun. Most of these baby buys I pretty much got for Carter’s Oshkosh, not sure if you’ve all heard of that store it is one of my top go to baby/kids go to. They are not to expensive but it’s also somewhere where I wouldn’t go to crazy unless they were having one of their huge sales going on.

So as smart as I am I got most of the baby sleepers on sale in the clearance section, if you get the chance to save your money go for it! I did save a huge amount of clothe’s from my daughter (she is 5 now) which I stashed away for whenever at the time I would have another baby and if the baby was a girl thank god I did. But I also forgot this plan is not 100% reliable if baby’s are born in different seasons, so it’s been a huge difficultly looking for at least a handful of clothes for baby girl since she is being born in the fall. Now that we are in September it is now I can finally find what I want, most of my daughters clothes are a lot of summer dresses, shorts and things baby girl might not get to wear for a while. Any of you mom’s ever been in this dilemma? So I guess saving clothes you would think would save you money and you won’t need much but end up back shopping anyways. But I cannot complain  I have been enjoying baby shopping lately since I havent got my hands on any baby things lately for like four years now, now I buy my daughter age six clothes so that has sunken in she’s not a baby anymore. Also sorry for the horrible lighting, today weather is really bad its been raining all morning.But that is currently all for my baby buys, look out for more posts too come I have so many ideas coming.







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