Teddy Coats & Faux Fur’s

Good afternoon little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another blog post, been feeling fashion inspired lately as we approach fall. I was not much a fall lover but I notice the more now it’s becoming one of my favorite seasons especially for fashion. 

As we approach Fall I’ve been noticing a lot of teddy coats and faux fur jackets coming out and of course I had to go and get one! I’m not much a fashion follower but when I see something popular I like I tend to go and purchase it. So I purchased mine from Forever 21 for $33.00CAD and I was going to go with one I saw on pretty little thing but theirs was for about around $70.00CAD, I decided to go with the cheapest because it was a steal. I have seen a lot on most of the fashion sites and they are going for a really expensive price, I always try to look out for whatever site is reasonable on the item. I am content with what I got and am so excited on trying it out as fall approaches us, especially since am pregnant I haven’t bought any clothing for myself due to nothing fitting me so this is so far the first item. I do know there is maternity clothes but I find it a waste of money due to women not even wearing it a full nine months.

I love looking up fashion inspired outfits and ideas to coordinate my outfits, and these are some inspired looks. I cant wait to pair these with great cordinate matching pants and shirt outfits I have, also its great to pair with a cute fall sweater dress like the outfit below. A simple basic fall item that can pretty much go with any outfit either going out or just going out to the mall, those are the items I love something worth every penny to spend. So the site/App I use to help my everyday fashion needs when your need that inspiration is “WeHeartIt“, it has about everything on there from nails to lifestyle posts. I love going on there and typing in what I am looking for and get my inspo from there. If any of you have any apps you use or sites where to look up ideas and fashion or make up inspired posts id love to hear which ones you use. Thank you all for taking the time to read my post more to come especially make up and fashion. Until next time fashionistas …Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder …of the little black dress. 

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