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Good morning little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another post it has been awhile since i’ve posted. But I have several blogs lined up waiting to get posted, I have been super busy it has been a long and overwhelming November for me due to me finally giving birth to my second daughter this month. Despite my lack of sleep and constant running around I still have blogs planned out. I am now trying to figure out a schedule for blogging while having a newborn, it has not been easy but it is possible!Today’s blog post is on my recent purchases for the fall, these two buys I am completely obsessed with them. These are my usual go too’s whenever am planning an outfit I most likely am trying to put together something to pair with these. So this first purchase was from hubby, I waked into Zara and first thing I saw was this coat I just had to have it. But I was not planning on purchasing it right on the spot but hubby did, coat went for $199.00CAD.


I have worn it a couple of times, I absolutely love it! It is more a fall coat on most cold freezing days I would not wear this I mean unless I was wearing something else thick underneath. I am excited to try it out with no belly the only time I have wore it was when I was pregnant and it didn’t look so hot so got to try it out finally.


Fashion Drug was my next purchase, I was scrolling through their site one day and saw this bag and had to have it. Fashion drug was founded in 2014, the brand was created by Dutch fashion lover Denise Melissa Verhappen. I love how her vision for this brand was to create high-class fashion items for affordable prices. Her quotes and words below

“Like many other girls on Instagram I was drooling over the amazing high fashion bags, shoes etc. you see all day scrolling down your timeline. I was inspired by the style and fashion of celebrities and fashion bloggers, but couldn’t afford even half their wardrobe. From there an idea was born. I had a vision of creating high fashion items but for affordable prices! As a fashionista myself I truly know my customers and love to interact with my followers. That way I can create items that not only I, but others love as well! ” – Denise Melissa Verhappen

This would be the second bag I purchased from this brand, and I must say I was very impressed when I saw the bag. Everything was perfect and it has lasted pretty long I would give it a straight 10/10. I got the Mini Backpack Vegan Leather Bag, has a good amount of space it held about everything I usually carry around. If you would like to view more Fashion Drugs bags link is below! Remember to leave a like & or comment I love to hear from you all!

Fashion Drug


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