Winter Skincare

Good morning little black dress fashionistas! For an actually first in a while I have a morning post, slowly but surely I am getting to somewhat of a handle on juggling a newborn a 5-year-old and getting back to my blogging. 

But here’s to my first December post for the last month of the year, I cannot believe it is December already! My birthday month and hubby the year has gone by so fast I somewhat remember where I was at this time last year. But December means winter and winter means dry skin and changing our make up routine and skin care routine. Dont you all just hate that? I hate whenever the seasons change because that means me changing my skin care routine, foundation and just overall make up routine. But then yet I still embrace the month with all the Christmas spirit around and ready to face the debt ready to come and enjoy all the holiday music to be replayed constantly.



So I’ve been out of a moisturiser and a make up prep spray, and so I’ve been on the hunt on Sephora for what type of moisture I want to use. But before I make big purchases I sometimes take advantage of their little mini sizes or those samples you get with your points at check out. So I got the Tatcha The Water Cream, First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream and Clinique Dramatically Different which is a hydration jelly. I have tried the re hydrating jelly so far and I somewhat love it, it is for all skin types and it is not greasy and it soaks into your skin right away. Right away my face didn’t feel dry as much what I didn’t like was just the texture and feel of it when I am applying. I personally wouldn’t use this type of moisture for underneath my make up application just because of the texture of it I would more lean towards the Tatcha water cream. Now the hello fab I have used one of their coconut products and did not love it because of that I was hesitant on giving this a try but what sold me to try it was the fact it said water cream. So I decided to give this brand one more try I have not yet tried this product out but whenever I fully try these out I will post an honest review. 



I would love to hear about what products you all use and find works for you or is the best to give a try, and if you all also change up your make up/skin care through out the seasons. I am combination skin type and I usually do not have trouble finding skin care products or usually get any skin problems or big issues so looking for products usually is no biggie for me. I am honestly a BIG product shopper I love trying so many differant things which is honestly is not good for my skin and as a esthetician i should honestly know better. Hopefully I can write a review soon and let all you know my thoughts on these products and which is honestly the best. Remember to like and comment I love hearing from you all! 

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