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Hey little black dress fashionistas!, I am here with another post that is kind of long overdue I haven’t posted make up in like forever! I am here with another December related post, I love posting these posts around this time of the year gets me in the whole Christmas mood am I the only one? 

But let’s get into it, shall we? Lets get into my winter make up bag. So since we going into the winter and getting out of fall I always change-up my make up tone related to the seasons, don’t us girls all? I love the fall and winter colour schemes and tones, I feel like the darker tones relate more to my skin tone then lets say summer colours. I have recently done some Sephora quick buys not major to spice up my make up collection for the winter. New season new buys, in this post you will see the recent moisturizer I have talked about in a recent past post which was apart of my winter buys.

I got some new make up sponges, I use to have like three beauty blenders but they have worn out a got in the hands of my five-year old and that’s all I can say. So I have been looking for new make up application sponges and I was not feeling the price of the beauty blenders so I decided to give the Sephora brand a try there wasn’t much bad reviews so I am going to try that out and see if its is worth the buy of a beauty blender. You all already know about the moisturizer I have talked about already in my past recent blog post, if you haven’t viewed that one I recommend you give it a read. The box is the Becca glow kit that was under the points and I decided to lose some points and give it a try. Now let me tell you I am a huge Sephora points collector! I hardly ever spend my points unless its something I really want SAVE YOUR POINTS! Then you can get as much perks as possible. But I have been looking for highlighters because here’s a shocker I don’t buy them, yes I do not buy highlighters but I am now interested in them so before buying them I decided to give this sample kit a try.

For my winter bag I also got an Anastasia Beverly Hills sample dip brow just for fun to be honest, I have owned and tried the dip brow pomade and I found it okay. I honestly prefer to use pencil brow products I find it more easier to control and faster to apply. So I got the Benefit brow pencil, and then I have a colour of a Nars lipstick shade haven’t tried it yet to see how I like it am more a darker shade person.

This is the Morphie pallet I purchased, I am super happy and excited to try this pallets out. I am loving the colours this is more of the type of shades I love so when I saw it I just had to get it. I am excited Sephora got Morphie and MAC on their site now its like super easy purchase for me. But this pallet is like Fall and Winter shades for me not bright but a lot of cool and brown neutral shades. I have not tried it out yet I haven’t got time but I will do a review on these products on how i am loving them.

So far these are my winter purchases guys! I am still in the works of purchasing more things I am in need of and of course I will post it. What are the biggest things you all use and love in your make up routine for the fall and winter season? I would love to hear from you all remember to like and comment!

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