My 2019 Goals

Good morning everyone, and welcome back to another blog post! I cant believe it is January 1st the first day in the year. I am excited to embrace this year and create new memories and be open to what this year has in-store for me.Β I really want to embrace this year with positive thoughts and energy, and leave everything in 2018. I really want to this year set 2019 goals for myself and stick by them, I want to try and be positive and higher self esteem for myself. Last year has been a bitter sweet year, with my peak being the birth of my daughter I have been dealing with having to accept my new body and roll with it. So my goals this year are …

  1. Be Positive- This year I want to have an complete positive attitude and outlook. No matter what brings, I want to try and see things in an positive aspect no matter what it is even with all the changes I am going through.
  2. Exercise – This would have to be my most toughest goal for 2019, I am not into exercising and never have been. To be complete honest with you growing up I had to perfect body and never needed to exercise but with having my second daughter I have came to terms with having to push myself to exercise and get back in shape.
  3. Financial planning – I have already technically been doing this but I want to do better. This year I want to be completely organized when do my financial planning and have a better savings. I want to stick to this so by 2020 I am still doing and not falling off of my plan.
  4. Grow My Blog – This one is exciting for me I must say, I haven’t reached a year with my blog but I already gained over 100 followers which I am so proud of. But I haven’t reached where I want to be when considering my blogging, I am doing well with followers but weak and other areas. This year I want my blog to be more successful and make a bigger better peak. I am proud of where I have reached and came considering me starting in February, but also due to be being pregnant and practically having to stop blogging and fell behind I want to make a huge comeback in the blogging community.
  5. New Me – This is a weird one I know like what does “a new me” really mean? Well this year I want to improve myself in all ways and aspects. Mentally, physically and emotionally I want to look back at last year and be happy of where I am this year and think I am so proud of me. I feel like I suffer with anxiety and I want to honestly work on that and I feel like I want to make a start and work with wants up here *the mind*.Well there you have it! My five goals for 2019, I also hope this year you all engage with me more. I honestly love hearing from you all and hearing what you have to say. What are some of your goals for 2019? Also is there any thing I’ve listed you can relate on? Thanks for reading hope the start to your year so far is good!

10 thoughts on “My 2019 Goals

  1. Nice goals! I really like the be more positive one. I feel like everyone should try. I hope you achieve all of them!
    Happy New Year!
    -Morgan from mommyaboveall.con

  2. Good luck on your journey! I loved reading your blog post, I have similar goals for 2019. I hope you’re able to accomplish all your goals πŸ™‚

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