February Wrap up

Hey everyone, welcome back to another blog post. Happy Monday I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine of course was really busy a bit stressful but hopefully this week is much smoother. For today’s post I am going to do a February wrap up for my blog.

February has been such a great month when it came to blog planning, it has also helped me figure out too my whole blogging schedule. I also decided to set goals:

  • Pass my views from 2018
  • Have posts ready to go
  • Achieve more traffic
  • Tackle Pinterest

I realised setting goals every month helps me stay organised and achieve what I need for my blog. I did not get to pass my view amount from last year February but I am still proud because it was somewhat close. I finally achieved setting up my blog posts ahead of time! I had my blog posts for the whole of February, this helped me stay organised and have time to type my posts and have them up and ready for Monday.

My top goal currently every month is to achieve more views, I really want to pass my view number for my blog which means more promoting. This is where Pinterest comes in, I have been hearing how Pinterest makes a huge difference in traffic to your blog so I have been influencing this into my blog work and I am still slowly learning. I decided to put in more time with promoting and marketing my blog, overall I am happy I got to achieve some of my goals and learn new things to help me improve my blog. I hope you enjoyed my February wrap up, next blog post will be up on Wednesday at 9am EST time! Have a great Monday!

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