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Good morning everyone, and welcome back to another blog post, I hope everyone day is going great so far. I am back with another blog post I have got to lately get time to work on my blog posts, I feel like a weight has been lifted off to be honest. I always get a bit upset when am behind and set back on my posts because of course being a mommy comes first. One of my top resolutions was to try and put in more work into my blogging and so far that hasn’t been happening, but hopefully I still try and not give up. So for today blog post is a haul on a bunch of cute kid buys I got lately. Its a bit a lot because I’ve been behind on my buys, and of course most of pretty much all is from zara. Zara started having their sale from since around last week of December till now, I swear this has been the longest sale they ever had that I know of. These are the cute buys that was picked up, all of them was reasonable priced. I cant complain their usual price is pretty expensive somewhat for “kid clothes”, sometimes I have to slow down on my purchases because the total comes down to be ridiculous.

The two cartoon shirts in the middle I purchased for my daughter, I saw them in the zara boys area. I dont really pick up boy clothes for my daughter by sometimes zara boy section has some cute picks and if it looks unisex I buy it. All items I get for my daughter I buy in a age six years or seven, this is because sadly the downfall of zara clothes is the fabric it is made out of but if washed in I believe warm or hot water they tend to shrink. I went through this a lot for awhile because it took me awhile to catch on that it was the fabric the problem, and they need to be washed in cold. But I still wash them in warm and they dont shrink that much I believe what shrank it a lot was the dryer. But she still has alot of surviving clothes so am starting to get the hand of it of how to handle the clothes. The last picture is a pair of cute grey wide leg pants with an cute grey bodysuit, I paired these two together. Sadly she cant wear the grey pants yet due to this awful weather (we are in winter) and we just literally got snow. So some of these clothes are put on the back burner for now.

I absolutely love this pink biker jacket as soon as it was out I have been eyeing it for the longest time, as soon as I saw it was part of the sale I just had to purchase it for my daughter. Shes five years old but I purchased an age seven, zara goes by age not particularly by sizes. But that is all the purchases my daughter got I will be having more haul to come sorry if this was pretty quick, I do have one for myself to be posted soon. Remember to comment & like I love hearing from you all.


Good morning everyone! Welcome back to another post I am finally doing a make up review. These are some sephora buys I got back in December for my birthday purchases and got sometime to somewhat try them out.  I know it seems a bit late but with products I love to just try them out for a while before making a big review. Also its been a bit hard to do make up haul and review lately since having a baby I hardly ever get time to sit and do my make up so hopefully I can get back to doing that.

So here is my review and thoughts about these products, I will first start with the fenty beauty the stunna lip paint long wear lip color  in chocolate-brown. And I must say this is so far my favorite lipstick at the moment, I am absolutely in love with this formula and color. I love how smooth it apply and the texture and color, it matches so well with my complexion and that is what I look first in lip colors. I’ve been looking for a while now on a color that will go so well with my complextion and I have found it. I will be making so much more purchases of this color and I also now want to give her other colors of matte lipsticks a try. Next would be the fenty lip gloss in diamond milk, I was at first hesitant to buy this when I saw this color came out because am not much a plain type to choose gloss colors like this ..but again I am in love with this gloss I just love how these colors look on me. Lately all I’ve been only been wearing fenty lip products, and I think I honestly will for awhile.

I also picked up a face mist I’ve been without one for a while now, I choose the yves saint laurent top secrets setting spray. I have used this a couple of times and I have nothing bad to say about it. I love how it feels on my skin there is no sticky or dry feeling after application of it and it dry well, I always make sure to moisturizer better using it this helps with the no dry feeling prior hand. The Anastasia product I purchased was the powered brozer, I got the color mahogany. I love how this color looked it is so pretty, and the color I thought would go well with my complexion. I use this to help with my contouring. Again I love the product how it was packaged I have no complaints about the product I would purchase this again. For the last product which is hard to see but it is the kat von d lock it setting powder. Now I for sure was not sure on buying this, I have been faithful to Laura mercier for the longest time. I have had bad experiences with setting powders settling properly into my skin because I have a darker complextion and some of them would show and I would end up looking pale. Until  found laura mercier power does not do that and it would apply smooth and I wouldn’t get that after effect. So I havent used or gave any other brands a try so I decided to try kat von d and surprisingly no pale effect. The powder is pretty smooth and I can live with it. I am happy this ended up being a good review and I didn’t have to give any thumbs down to any products, I am also happy I picked up products I don’t regret buying. But thanks for reading my review remember to like & comment I always love hearing from you all!


Good afternoon everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I am back with another blog post, this is one I’ve been really wanting to do for a while now. I actually have got this requested and I waited awhile because I wanted to do this one in more detail and depth from my last lashes post but I do not want to wait out any longer.

Now am going to let you know and be honest, I was never a lash pro that’s for sure. There was an actually time where I did not wear lashes at all and when I started I thought it was the most weirdest feeling ever! I was really bad at trying to attempt to put them on I actually gave up, until I practiced and practiced and found a way that worked for me. So this way might work for a lot or might not work for you at all and that’s okay. You just need to practice and find ways that work for you.

  1. Stretch my lashes – So first I stretch my natural lashes out with mascara. I grab my most favourite mascara and I put about two thin coats of mascara on. This brings out my natural lashes and also helps me hide my eyelash glue.
  2. Apply lash glue to lashes – So next you’re going to want to apply your glue to your false lashes. Make sure you apply a thin good coat across. I am also going to make a disclaimer if your lashes are too long and don’t of your eyes, your going to cut the end of your lashes and measure NEVER cut the beginning you will screw up your lashes. Then let dry for a few seconds.
  3. This next step is important because it’s how I get my lashes on of course. Next you’re going to grab the sides or lash part of your lashes and bring them over the root of where your lashes grow out from and hover them over and measure and make sure it all lines up perfectly. Then gently rest false lashes at the root of where your natural lash root is and bring down and use your finger and tap across to get it to fully stay.
  4. Brush out – So this is my next trick to make my natural lash and false to intertwine. I take my eyebrow brush and gently brush the false up and loosen them up so that they intertwine with my natural, this allow them to look natural and to stay put. I never apply mascara after because this allows my false to have a longer life span and also my last step plays that role already which is why I cut out the step of applying mascara on my false.

And that is my secret to applying my lashes, I always get asked a lot how I get them perfectly on. This honestly shocks me because am no expert and also remind me of the time I struggled to even apply them, but I can honestly say that practice does make perfect. Hopefully I hope my tips are handy and I could help someone. If any of you would like any more posts on anything in detail I am happy to do it! Remember to like & comment I always love hearing from you all.

Good morning everyone, hope everyone is doing well and had a great weekend and start to the new year! This past week I must say has been the hardest since I’ve been sick, like what a “great” start to my new year. I have been on social media since my main focus has been getting better. I have been so busy and getting rested that I totally forgot the 5th was my blog one year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been one whole year I’ve been blogging, it has gone by so fast. I literally remember getting up one morning and picking up my laptop and just started a blog, and I don’t regret it one bit to be honest.

I am so proud of myself that I stuck to it and kept going for a whole year (minus half of 9 months) . I am so happy I reached 100 followers before my one year mark! It has not been a easy blog year for me but I am still learning, I hope this year two I make more accomplishments and achieve my goal with my blog. I can’t wait to see where I go at the end of the year but I hope I complete my goal, and hopefully I master what I am struggling with, considering my blog. But hopefully there will be many more anniversaries to come! Thanks to everyone for coming along on this journey and I hope you stick by my side, remember to comment and like! I always love to hear from you.

Good morning everyone, and welcome back to another blog post! I cant believe it is January 1st the first day in the year. I am excited to embrace this year and create new memories and be open to what this year has in-store for me. I really want to embrace this year with positive thoughts and energy, and leave everything in 2018. I really want to this year set 2019 goals for myself and stick by them, I want to try and be positive and higher self esteem for myself. Last year has been a bitter sweet year, with my peak being the birth of my daughter I have been dealing with having to accept my new body and roll with it. So my goals this year are …

  1. Be Positive- This year I want to have an complete positive attitude and outlook. No matter what brings, I want to try and see things in an positive aspect no matter what it is even with all the changes I am going through.
  2. Exercise – This would have to be my most toughest goal for 2019, I am not into exercising and never have been. To be complete honest with you growing up I had to perfect body and never needed to exercise but with having my second daughter I have came to terms with having to push myself to exercise and get back in shape.
  3. Financial planning – I have already technically been doing this but I want to do better. This year I want to be completely organized when do my financial planning and have a better savings. I want to stick to this so by 2020 I am still doing and not falling off of my plan.
  4. Grow My Blog – This one is exciting for me I must say, I haven’t reached a year with my blog but I already gained over 100 followers which I am so proud of. But I haven’t reached where I want to be when considering my blogging, I am doing well with followers but weak and other areas. This year I want my blog to be more successful and make a bigger better peak. I am proud of where I have reached and came considering me starting in February, but also due to be being pregnant and practically having to stop blogging and fell behind I want to make a huge comeback in the blogging community.
  5. New Me – This is a weird one I know like what does “a new me” really mean? Well this year I want to improve myself in all ways and aspects. Mentally, physically and emotionally I want to look back at last year and be happy of where I am this year and think I am so proud of me. I feel like I suffer with anxiety and I want to honestly work on that and I feel like I want to make a start and work with wants up here *the mind*.

Well there you have it! My five goals for 2019, I also hope this year you all engage with me more. I honestly love hearing from you all and hearing what you have to say. What are some of your goals for 2019? Also is there any thing I’ve listed you can relate on? Thanks for reading hope the start to your year so far is good!