Winter Favourites!

Hello beautiful!, Welcome back to my blog. I know I havent posted anything these past day or two but I am back with a beauty post this time. So today i am here to talk about my winter go to this exciting interesting winter we are having. These so far are my favorite must winter beauty fave!

The first is my favorite pair of Sephora lashes these are an absolute must for me in all my make up regimen. I never was into lashes because i couldnt put them on and now i am an pro! Next is my two so far favorite Anastia Beverly Hills matte lipsticks in Rust and Rouge. These are a dark brown & burgundy color and i feel like it goes so good in Fall and Winter. I am wearing these colors almost everyday going out. Next is the Tarte Sea face oil … sorry if i didnt get the whole name but i love love this product it is not to oily and also smells great! I love applying this underneth my make riht before i put an primer on and letting it sink into my skin and hydrate it.

Well that is all my so far winter favs for now, I belive everyone should go get these and give them a try, and also let me know what you think of these products if you have tried them out. I will be trying to post every other day on my blog so follow me! Follow


#Throwback Thursdays

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#Throwback Thursdays … To my last year photography! And yes! am wearing a current shirt that is in one of my earlier posts. This is one of my most loved photos ive taken of myself am somewhat feel proud and accomplished of one because I take all my photos myself and am beginning to find it as a talent. I love how this current look I went for you can go street style and girly it up with a beat face and some cute glasses. Am not much a street style but whatever I get i add pieces in my closet to add a bit of girly, from glasses to a cute handbag and BAM!

Shirt: Forever 21

Glasses: Urban outfitter





Two Piece outfit from small online boutique …

Whats cute about constant two piece outfit is the effort to dress it up or down. Also i know some two pieces can be a little too feeling of being under dressed. So what i love to do to still make it look cute and still show it off is to style it with a cute sweater. If its fall it also looks stylish with a cute leather jacket. You can go out with heels or cute sneakers ..

Self Expressions

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Outfit Details: Fashion Nova two piece set!


Fall Fashion Nova two piece outfit fit.

I feel like the best self-expression as a woman is to wear what best self expresses your style. Of course to a certain extent of course. There is no black and white to fashion, and that’s what the fun part about fashion is to self express yourself and show the many different colors to fashion. One of the best saying ive heard was to remember without fashion we’ll all be naked!