My beloved

Hello, everyone! So am taking my spin on my beloved. This photo means a lot to me and it tells so much just by looking at it.

This is a picture of me and my daughter about two years ago, this photo means so much to me. She is my first and my only for now. This photo was taken on a beach in the summer. She’s my beloved …I am currently married and in such a good place in my life right now. But when I look at this photo it makes me so emotional. When I look at my daughter I see how far I have come as a person and a mother. This photo means so much because it was always me and her from the beginning. Day one me and her from the hospital bed to now meeting my husband and now currently being married.

But when I look at this I feel so strong and happy looking at her, there will be so much to come for us in the future but I’ll never forget how far me and her have came beloved.

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Inscrutable Beauty

 Hello my fabulous black dress fashionistas,

It’s your girl Sarah again with a new blog segment called “INSCRUTABLE BEAUTY” where I will analyse and fashion(ize) {I know I just made that up} a few abstract photo’s which display to some degree a portion of fashion and or beauty. I wish I can give credit to the artists for their tremendous talent but I am not too sure who they are. I will give my interpretation and a rating based on

  1. Aesthetics (Beauty)
  2. Inscrutableness (Mysteriousness)
  3. Relation to fashion (How it compares to fashion)





can_tgiveaname_by_ksiyha-d7d9gab.jpg For this first piece, the esthetic beauty in this to me shows two interpreted pieces in one. The beauty in this shows a women wearing a hat but also shows a mysterious man in black clothing. What I love about these work of art is that how anyone can look at these and each see a different aspect of it and describe something else. And that is something that relates to fashion because you can have a different out look of a piece of clothing and pair it with a lot of things. I feel all these pieces of art work show that and that’s one of the great things about art and fashion! These are all different and show insrctubley in different aspects.

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