My Toddler wears Makeup?

Good morning little black dress fashionistas!, happy Tuesday.  Calling all mothers,parents, aunts,fathers,baby sitters! Today I am coming with a beauty post and how to solve the problem for all you mothers that probably go through what i do.

So I do not know if you all know i am a mother to a four year old daughter, and she loves going through my make up. I realized saying “no” was not solving anything and regardless she’s going to try to still put on my make up. Until one day …. I was watching youtube! Sillysammmmage and she had got a brand called Baby Face Makeup which is a Canadian brand created by a mother. Who makes realistic make up just for toddlers.

Finally! So of course I had to buy it, the price was not too expensive and its more creative because she sells in packages and it was Canadian so shipping was no problem. I have purchased twice and shipment had come in a day or two, and it was worth the money. My daughter loved it and she of course had a good month or two playing with it before she lost the pieces and broke some parts. If i had to suggest this to mothers which i have i would say go for it!


So lets talk! Is there any cute online toddler brands out there? Do you go through the same issue with your toddler?  Comment & Like! Follow my blog for more posts! 



To organize or to not?

Good morning little black dress fashionistas!, happy monday I have been so busy and overwelmed with a few things on my plate lately and i  have been trying to still put time in for my blog. One of the things on my to do list tha thas been taking some of my time is to organize me and my husband room (pics is not of my room btw lol). This lately has been one of my many projects for my apartment, and the biggest is make up and beauty products. One of the popluar things is having your own beauty space and area and i have decided to do just that thing!

Organzing your beauty esstionslas i feel can be one of the best ideas especially if your a beauty guru or make up artist or just a girl like me obssessed with buying and spending half your money on make up you dont even need. I have so many things that i dont even know where to put half of them. This creates more space for me and more space area for my husband to put whatever stuff he has. This also i feel gives me more motivation and space to do my weekly planning for my blog.  If anyone of you have any ideas for beauty organizing or anything youve purchased for your make up or even cute brush holders and sites i can purchase these things please leave them in the comments! Remember to follow my blog if you havent already! 

Also ill be sure to have many more posts coming this week and forsure show the finishing touching on my room!