Black on Black

Good morning, little black dress fashionistas!, hope everyone is doing well and their weekend went great. Mine was really relaxing and planning out all the ideas I got for future blog posts. Here another fashion shot i got for all you guys for Monday. My Monday so far consists of freezing temperatures and snow …this photo gives me hope for spring to come.

Two Piece Outfit – Fashion Nova

Coat Sweater – Forever 21

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Little Black Dress


Little black dress … here it is the first introduction to my blog. Little black dress because every girl loves and needs a little black dress in their lives. My blog is to make you feel and express yourself in your own little black dress.

Lets leave behind the shallow second thought feelings society is bringing in making women feel theirs only one silhouette in life and put on our little black dress that shows all those curves and shapes there is out there. So here’s me a simple ordinary “african Canadian” women in my little black dress.