Inscrutable Beauty

 Hello my fabulous black dress fashionistas,

It’s your girl Sarah again with a new blog segment called “INSCRUTABLE BEAUTY” where I will analyse and fashion(ize) {I know I just made that up} a few abstract photo’s which display to some degree a portion of fashion and or beauty. I wish I can give credit to the artists for their tremendous talent but I am not too sure who they are. I will give my interpretation and a rating based on

  1. Aesthetics (Beauty)
  2. Inscrutableness (Mysteriousness)
  3. Relation to fashion (How it compares to fashion)





can_tgiveaname_by_ksiyha-d7d9gab.jpg For this first piece, the esthetic beauty in this to me shows two interpreted pieces in one. The beauty in this shows a women wearing a hat but also shows a mysterious man in black clothing. What I love about these work of art is that how anyone can look at these and each see a different aspect of it and describe something else. And that is something that relates to fashion because you can have a different out look of a piece of clothing and pair it with a lot of things. I feel all these pieces of art work show that and that’s one of the great things about art and fashion! These are all different and show insrctubley in different aspects.

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Trill of the city

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog! There’s no better inspiration in fashion then your daily routine in the city. Just the little trills of the city everywhere gives so much inspiration in the fashion culture. As a Toronto commuter I can be commuting throughout the city and see so much style ideas and fashion ideas from just seeing people crossing the street while embracing the trill of the city.

Fashion and style ideas can be made out of nothing and into something,  as i always remembered seeing on day … “Without fashion wed all be naked” . Follow my blog for more posts!






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Dominant thing about beauty

Hello beautiful!, and welcome to my blog. What is the most dominant thing about beauty? I feel like in todays generation and society we ask this alot especially what we constantly see on social meadia. And to my my first thought and thinking is face and body features, especially that with the whole waist shaping and constant same make up trends going on.

This is where my expression of little black dress comes from …expressing your own powerful beauty and what beauty means to you. Showing off your own little black dress. There’s tons of different black dresses out there and this is how I see beauty. Life and fashion wouldn’t be fun if every women was wearing the exact same silhouette right!?

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Are you a Tardy guru?

Hello beautiful, nothing is more annoying and painful then having to clean your make up brushes! Are you a tardy make up guru that procrastinate and takes weeks on end to finally come to terms that “its time to clean my brushes”? I know I am (hands up) . I am also an esthetican so one of the things i learned is that putting off cleaning your brushes is kinda not good why?

  1. Bacteria that’s growing
  2. Leaving brushes in the bathroom often causing bathroom bacteria to get on them
  3. Acne/Pimples bacteria. When skin afterwords is free of them it can actually cause another one to occur.
  4. Picks up surface oils and anything else on the skin.
  5. Dirt

Even if you clean your face in the mornings, putting these brushes back on your face is actually like putting bacteria on your face even after its cleaned. Cleaning your brushes and then having a freash face is the perfect way to start your daily make up regimen!


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