Zara Haul

Hey everyone, welcome back to another blog post. Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, it’s back to a full long tiring week for me. Sorry I didn’t get to put up a post for Friday I had a hectic Thursday and then Friday was pretty tiring due to me packing for my big move for the end of June. This post is long overdue and actually took more of my time I really wanted to get to this post I am super excited to show what I’ve got for my summer wardrobe pieces, I actually already posted what i got to my Instagram lately I am super excited to style these together.

The first item is a cream knitted dress I got, i found this dress in the special prices for only $19.00 CAD. I always love looking into the special price section whenever I can because I always try to get the most out of zara when ordering online just because of delivery fees ranking up the prices. Most of the time its always a difference from shopping in person then from online, I love the texture of this dress I love how I can style this up or down in various ways and how it fits me like a glove it was worth the order.

This next piece are these cute summer sandals I absolutely love them because they’re really versatile I can pretty much style them with any outfit, that is what I love about them. These shoes were $49.90 CAD, they go already so well with the cream knitted dress I showed earlier. I can’t wait to wear them this summer another worth the buy!

I also got this cute Mini city bag that is snake print and bright green, as soon as I seen this I literally had to have it for my summer word robe. I feel like this piece can go with almost anything I wear in the summer plus am kinda into snake-print at the moment to be honest, and what I have noticed is that I love it on shoes and accessories but not so much on clothes. This bag went for $39.90CAD which isn’t bad considering the quality and style.

Next is another item I thought that was just super cute because it just brought back memories, which is a cute vintage cartoon T-shirt. Zara has a huge collaboration section with a lot of cartoon t shirts you’ve might have seen some or even other influencers wearing them. I love that they brought that to their store for the type of style Zara is I actually wouldn’t expect that to be honest but I love how they are styling vintage cartoon with their elegant style. I have already bought two shirts you might have seen my other post on Instagram with the Tinker bell T-shirt and this one I got has all the Disney princess on then and I saw that Tiana was on it so you know I just had to get that! You can pair these with cycle shorts for the summer or even cute jeans or jean shorts or even cute maxi skirt and make it a dress up yet down style.

I did buy other items for this haul but I do not want to make this haul super long, so I will be doing a separate part two post on the rest of my four items for the next blog post. I hope you all enjoyed my little mini haul post I just had to do a post on these items I am super excited for the summer I feel like its been cold forever and am all about the colour for accessories. What are your go to style piece for this summer? Let me know in the comments I always love to hear from you all! Remember to comment and like! Thank you all for reading see you Wednesday post hopefully I can get it up by then.

Fashion Drug x Zara

Good morning little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another post it has been awhile since i’ve posted. But I have several blogs lined up waiting to get posted, I have been super busy it has been a long and overwhelming November for me due to me finally giving birth to my second daughter this month. Despite my lack of sleep and constant running around I still have blogs planned out. I am now trying to figure out a schedule for blogging while having a newborn, it has not been easy but it is possible!

Fav Online Websites

Good morning, little black dress fashionistas! Sorry for no posts yesterday my goal is to post everyday throughout the week. These past two and a half days have been tough for me getting work done as am getting over feeling ill. I am so ready for spring to arrive, but while am ill or even not in the best mood my favorite pastime is to go on my favorite online shopping websites. I love going on there to browse or to even make a purchase.

The first online store i love going on now and then is Fashion Drug, this site is known mainly for their bags. I have made a purchase from this site, I live in Toronto Canada so shipping was pretty expensive but it was worth the time and money. All their bags are luxury inspired bags. Prices are not that bad regarding how high-end the bags are I would recommend anyone to this site and would make more future purchases.

Next favourite online shopping site I love and is concisely on all the time, most of my wardrobe is from here is Forever21! I absolutely love shopping on here but i tend to feel me and forever21 have a hate love relationship and ill explain why.  I love forever21 style but i hate physically going and shopping at the store. I feel forever21 stores are more of a Winners feel to me. I hate the set up of the store layout. I can go online and pick out everything i want to purchase and go to the store and i cannot find one piece of item from my list most of the time i would need to ask an employee. But here’s the thing most of the time i than tend to just purchase whatever i want from forever21 online then bother go into the stores. I get everything i want and i don’t got to deal with most of the time sold out items and i do not have to walk around and around looking for items. Other then that me and forver21 are good.

Okay, so every fashionista knows this Instagram popular store, Fashion Nova. This is my next online stop and shop! For my honest opinion I haven’t most recently purchased any items from here for a while but i have purchased a lot of goodies from this fab store. I love how much growth this store has made through out the years and how much change it has made. I have known and purchased when this store has just came out and i noticed how much growth it has made. I love how now this site has so much more things you can purchase on here and how often they have discount codes. Also i love how the prices are not bad and also the shipping since i am in Canada. And its hard for Canadians to find a decent site where shipping is not so overwhelming.

Any shoe lovers out there!, this would be the site for you. Lolashoetique is a shoe based site. I absolutely love this site especially for browsing purposes because they upload shoes on shoes all day everyday! I have not purchased any from here as yet because how much I hate how much shipping has to be for Canadians but i will soon. They have all different styles you are looking for.

Prettylittlething!, this is my favorite place to online shop right now away from forever21. This site and I repeat this site has everything you’re looking for and has the most up to date in style also. The most thing i love about this site is the amount of discounts they give out almost everyday. Which is a big help for me because it helps with shipping costs also there items don’t take that long to ship and arrive at your door. I have already purchased items from their store and i love how it fits. The only thing that does annoy me because their site is so good and they have sales is things do go out of stock sometimes but they do not take long to restock items. So go ahead and check it out! Also they do have an app to shop from so go download it.