Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ….of the little black dress.

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Good morning little black dress fashionistas! It occurred to me I honestly don’t know why I always greet with that saying my posts are not always about fashion but I’ve been saying it so we going to just roll with it. Anyways I am back with another post!  (more…)


Good morning little black dress fashionistas! For an actually first in a while I have a morning post, slowly but surely I am getting to somewhat of a handle on juggling a newborn a 5-year-old and getting back to my blogging.  (more…)

Good morning little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another post it has been awhile since i’ve posted. But I have several blogs lined up waiting to get posted, I have been super busy it has been a long and overwhelming November for me due to me finally giving birth to my second daughter this month. Despite my lack of sleep and constant running around I still have blogs planned out. I am now trying to figure out a schedule for blogging while having a newborn, it has not been easy but it is possible! (more…)

Good morning little Black Dress fashionistas! I am finally back with another blog post. It feels like literally forever since posting something but I’m so happy that all of you are still here and bearing with me due to me being pregnant. (more…)

Good afternoon little black dress fashionistas! this post is so long over due but I am fully ready to post this. I have been gone for about almost three months now and I haven’t been making any posts or even keeping up with my social media pages, its been tough but it feels good to be back.  (more…)