Black Panther: African Wear Inspiration

Good morning little black dress fashionistas! I am back with another blog post, this one I got inspired from black panther movie that got released and also top the box office. Hearing about this movie I got inspired to do a post on african wear. I’ve always been inspired by their designs, also because my mom buys this material and she makes her own outfits out of them. I have always thought their material is so colorful and gorgeous.


African wear carries a vibrant and interesting background, bright and bold textiles. The history of african wear stretches back to almost 75,000 years! Made of animal skin,fur, feathers, and bark cloth african clothing was not well matched with hot conditions.



Today african styles are worn with modern-day pieces, pairing these bright and bold pieces with jeans or even a blazer. This also gives the chance to add african history to your modern day wardrobe.  Africans would use die to make patterns on their cloth, women would do most of the fabric work.

Looking into and reading up on african style clothing, I find this style in the fashion industry to be the most interesting, very unique and different. But isn’t that what fashion is about being different and unique. But that’s what makes fashion intresting from all angles and aspects, and the different wear from all different parts of the world.






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My Sephora go to brands

Good morning little black dress fashionistas!, hope everyone is doing and feeling well this Wednesday. I am back with another post for the week, I feel pretty good getting back on track with my daily planning and back to my daily schedule of doing my blog posts. Todays post is a fun beauty post, I will be talking about my at most favorite Sephora go to brands. The brands or even the products i list might even make you want to give the product a try.



So my first is Anastasia Beverly Hills, this is one of my go to brands, every time I go into Sephora I have to go and find Anastasia. So i would say this is one of my go to because i absolutely love her eyeshadow and lipsticks. Of course i also use the brow products, i would say this is the only brand i use for my brows i love the products and how her products work. I just love the vibe and colors from this brand.



My Second go to brand I am absolutely loving is Huda Beauty, this brand is my go to for their lipsticks! I love everything about their lipsticks, i do have a down side to the lipsticks at the moment which is their limited colors. I would say i own about four to five colors of their lipsticks and that is because i feel all the rest of the colors do not go with my skin tone. I feel that huda beauty is taking awhile to come out with other colors and i wish they had more options in colors. But i love the feel and lasting i would say it does last not lining about that, and even the smell yes i said it the smell too! The price isn’t too bad i am always willing to spend on these lipsticks, if you do not own one please go buy it right now.

BTW, i am also trying to go buy their new foundation that is out! i am seeing good reviews about it. If you own it and tried it comment down below and tell me what you think about it!



Next is of course Urban Decay, so the reason this is one of my go to brands is because this brand holds my first favorite ever go to always buying foundation. So their Naked foundation is my go to it looks good on me it matches me perfectly and I have always go good compliments on my skin whenever I wear it. This is a big deal for me in make up and with brands because I feel like there’s a lot of brands trying to make foundation colors for darker skin tones and its failing. Why? Because i feel they are not being matched properly to our skin and under skin tones and theirs a lot looking orange on us to peach or even to dark. So when i found that this foundation sits well on me i just had to keep buying! I would honestly say i do not own much of anything else from this brand am not a big fan but i am giving them big recognition to their foundation.



So why Bobbi Brown? Well next I chose Bobbi because I love how this brands presents itself, I’ve never actually taking the time to know Bobbi until i had to one day look into this brand for a college assignment. And i love for what this brand stands for which is natural beauty and it shows. So i do own a foundation from bobbi brown and it 100% shows what the brand stands for. The foundation naturally matches my skin tone and comes off looking natural, it’s not cakey at all and a little does somewhat go a long way. I do want to give the skin products a try, but also one of the things i do not love about the brand much is some of the products and shades Bobbi Brown does have cannot go with darker shades, and again ive explained before there’s not much choices in certain products and i feel a lot of beauty brands needs to expand shades especially if there having their brand in Sephora where theirs a lot of different women of color shopping.



Okay so this next product I buy from the Sephora brand, I constantly get asked about whenever am out in public and get a lot of compliments on and that is Sephora Lashes! So my only lashes I only wear are Sephora house of lashes, i do not buy the cheap beauty outlet store lashes i hate them lol they look unrealistic to me. But i do not have a problem with anyone who chooses to buy beauty store lashes they are cheaper and affordable. But one of the perks of me buying Sephora lashes are i can buy one pack and make it last for 20x times in use! (I will do a different post on) I constantly get asked questions how do i make my lashes last and use for 10 times without having it look awful or even fall apart, and that is one of the reasons i love these lashes. The price is not to bad and again to me it’s not much of a deal since i am not constantly going back after one use. I would recommend giving them a try!



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My Toddler wears Makeup?

Good morning little black dress fashionistas!, happy Tuesday.  Calling all mothers,parents, aunts,fathers,baby sitters! Today I am coming with a beauty post and how to solve the problem for all you mothers that probably go through what i do.

So I do not know if you all know i am a mother to a four year old daughter, and she loves going through my make up. I realized saying “no” was not solving anything and regardless she’s going to try to still put on my make up. Until one day …. I was watching youtube! Sillysammmmage and she had got a brand called Baby Face Makeup which is a Canadian brand created by a mother. Who makes realistic make up just for toddlers.

Finally! So of course I had to buy it, the price was not too expensive and its more creative because she sells in packages and it was Canadian so shipping was no problem. I have purchased twice and shipment had come in a day or two, and it was worth the money. My daughter loved it and she of course had a good month or two playing with it before she lost the pieces and broke some parts. If i had to suggest this to mothers which i have i would say go for it!


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Fav Online Websites

Good morning, little black dress fashionistas! Sorry for no posts yesterday my goal is to post everyday throughout the week. These past two and a half days have been tough for me getting work done as am getting over feeling ill. I am so ready for spring to arrive, but while am ill or even not in the best mood my favorite pastime is to go on my favorite online shopping websites. I love going on there to browse or to even make a purchase.

The first online store i love going on now and then is Fashion Drug, this site is known mainly for their bags. I have made a purchase from this site, I live in Toronto Canada so shipping was pretty expensive but it was worth the time and money. All their bags are luxury inspired bags. Prices are not that bad regarding how high-end the bags are I would recommend anyone to this site and would make more future purchases.

Next favourite online shopping site I love and is concisely on all the time, most of my wardrobe is from here is Forever21! I absolutely love shopping on here but i tend to feel me and forever21 have a hate love relationship and ill explain why.  I love forever21 style but i hate physically going and shopping at the store. I feel forever21 stores are more of a Winners feel to me. I hate the set up of the store layout. I can go online and pick out everything i want to purchase and go to the store and i cannot find one piece of item from my list most of the time i would need to ask an employee. But here’s the thing most of the time i than tend to just purchase whatever i want from forever21 online then bother go into the stores. I get everything i want and i don’t got to deal with most of the time sold out items and i do not have to walk around and around looking for items. Other then that me and forver21 are good.

Okay, so every fashionista knows this Instagram popular store, Fashion Nova. This is my next online stop and shop! For my honest opinion I haven’t most recently purchased any items from here for a while but i have purchased a lot of goodies from this fab store. I love how much growth this store has made through out the years and how much change it has made. I have known and purchased when this store has just came out and i noticed how much growth it has made. I love how now this site has so much more things you can purchase on here and how often they have discount codes. Also i love how the prices are not bad and also the shipping since i am in Canada. And its hard for Canadians to find a decent site where shipping is not so overwhelming.

Any shoe lovers out there!, this would be the site for you. Lolashoetique is a shoe based site. I absolutely love this site especially for browsing purposes because they upload shoes on shoes all day everyday! I have not purchased any from here as yet because how much I hate how much shipping has to be for Canadians but i will soon. They have all different styles you are looking for.

Prettylittlething!, this is my favorite place to online shop right now away from forever21. This site and I repeat this site has everything you’re looking for and has the most up to date in style also. The most thing i love about this site is the amount of discounts they give out almost everyday. Which is a big help for me because it helps with shipping costs also there items don’t take that long to ship and arrive at your door. I have already purchased items from their store and i love how it fits. The only thing that does annoy me because their site is so good and they have sales is things do go out of stock sometimes but they do not take long to restock items. So go ahead and check it out! Also they do have an app to shop from so go download it.